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Contributing Designer Account Registration

Please enter a name here that you wish to appear with your art/designs. Must be a First Name and Last Name initial (ie. Jane S). No Company Names. An alias is acceptable as well.

Preferred method of payment:
Check mailed by US Postal Service

By agreeing and registering to be a contributing designer with Buy Designs Online (BDO) you are agreeing to the following:

1. All of the art you have created here is 100% your own (no clip art).
2. The art that you, the contributor, place on must be unique to our site.
The contributor agrees that the art on our site is not offered elsewhere for sale or by license.
3. That you will be available, by text or email, when a sale is made to make ready and to transfer
the art within 24 hours of the sale to the website administrator.
4. The art will be either vector format (illustrator), layered tiff or layered psd (Photoshop) file format.
Contributor provides the production file at the time of a sale.
5. The pattern will be provided in a seamless repeat (repeatable pattern) (if applicable).
6. You, the contributor, have access and rights to deactivate any art you have uploaded in BDO at any time and without notice to us.
We do not require a term commitment. Therefore, you remain in control of your art/designs.

You (the contributor) retain the copyright to the art. All art on this site may be licensed on a continuous basis.
In other words, designs/art can generate on-going income to the contributor.

Upon transfer of the art, you will be paid $55.00 (USD per sale) within 15-45 days of sale depending on the payment terms we have
with the client/purchaser. We have been in business since 2005 at (Buy Designs Online's sister company)
and have a perfect track record in taking care of our contributors.

Our Company, Buy Designs Online, promises to do our best to promote your art for income for you. Thank you for contributing your
creative talents to our design library portal. We are an email away, if you need anything:
Thank you!

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